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Tip O'Neill Democratic. Patty meyer illinois flotter dreier victory also allowed many Republican House candidates to secure elections. The Republicans gained a net of 35 seats from the Democratic Party. The Democrats nonetheless retained a significant majority, unlike the Senate elections, where Republicans gained control of the chamber.

However, many Democratic congressmen from the south known as " Boll patty meyer illinois flotter dreier " frequently took conservative stances on issues, allowing Republicans to have a working ideological majority for some of President Reagan's proposals during his first two years in office. This election marked the first time since Reconstruction that Republicans won a sizable majority of Representatives from a Deep South state South Carolina.

It was also the first time that the new Libertarian Party received the third-largest share of the popular vote in both chambers of Congress. Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk. In these special elections, the winner was seated during or before January 3, ; ordered by election date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Michigan's 13th congressional district special election. House elections for the 97th U. Popular vote Democratic. House seats Democratic. See also: list of special elections to the United States House of Representatives.

Y John Porter Republican Y Ray Musto Democratic Adams Independent 4. Hudock Good Government 1. Y Billy Tauzin Democratic Y John G. Hutchinson Democratic Y George Crockett Jr. Patty meyer illinois flotter dreier Y Jack Edwards Republican Y William Louis Dickinson Republican Y Bill Nichols Democratic Unopposed.

Y Tom Bevill Democratic Killingsworth Statesman 2. Y Ronnie Flippo Democratic Benson Libertarian 5. Y Albert L. Smith Jr. Republican Jacobson Libertarian 1. Robey Statesman 0. Y Richard Shelby Democratic Y Don Young Republican patty meyer illinois flotter dreier Y John Jacob Rhodes Republican Y Mo Udall Democratic Huff Republican Y Bob Stump Democratic Y Eldon Rudd Republican Y William Vollie Alexander Jr.

Democratic Unopposed. Y Ed Bethune Republican Y Beryl Anthony Jr. Y Eugene A. Chappie Republican Johnson Democratic Y Donald H. Clausen Republican Wren Peace and Freedom 1. Y Bob Matsui Democratic Daniel Libertarian 2. Y Vic Fazio Democratic Burnside Libertarian 5. Y John Burton Democratic Dougherty Libertarian 3. Y Phillip Burton Democratic Y George Miller Democratic Clair Republican Thompson American Independent 2. Y Ron Dellums Democratic Hughes Republican Y Pete Stark Democratic Clanin Libertarian 3.

Y Don Edwards Democratic Lutton Republican Kaiser American Independent 2. Y Tom Lantos Democratic Wade Jr. Libertarian 2. Kudrovzeff American Independent 0. Y Pete McCloskey Republican Y Norman Mineta Democratic Y Norman D. Shumway Republican Housley Libertarian 3. Y Tony Coelho Democratic Pullen Libertarian patty meyer illinois flotter dreier. Y Leon Panetta Democratic Bowers Libertarian 3. Y Chip Pashayan Republican Y Bill Patty meyer illinois flotter dreier Republican Y Robert J.

Lagomarsino Republican Y Barry Goldwater Jr. Darwin Libertarian 4. Y Bobbi Fiedler Republican Corman Democratic Lehmann Libertarian 1. Tucker Peace and Freedom 1. Y Carlos Moorhead Republican Susel Libertarian 4.

Y Anthony Beilenson Democratic Lieb Libertarian 5. Y Henry Waxman Democratic Lehman Libertarian 3.

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