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Cover Girl Strip Poker received negative to mixed reviews from critics; many reviews criticized Strip Poker ' s 'poor' digitized graphics, 'bad' AI, and several reviews criticized the game's sexual content, calling it 'unappealing' or 'sad'. While other versions of the game received more mixed reviews, reviews of the Commodore 64 version were universally negative. Some reviews criticized Strip Poker as sexist, with one magazine calling it "an affront to the female species".

Cover Girl Strip Poker is played as five-card strip poker ; the player plays against an AI opponent, and may choose between eight models. In Cover Girl Strip Pokerfour of the eight models in-game have video footage alongside the standard still images; the frame rate and graphic quality of these videos differs between versions of the game. In the Commodore 64 version, there are six possible opponents as opposed to eight; [17] Signe Andersen and Sofia Bratlund are missing from this version.

In the Commodore 64 version of Strip Pokerthe game's graphics are predominantly monochrome. Apparently some of the other models weren't paid at all. The Danish, French, German, and English narration was recorded by Workstation 1, which also translated the game into French. The Swedish narration was recorded by Niklas Persson, who also performed the Swedish translation. Strip Poker was translated into German by Thomas Schmidt.

Cover Girl Strip Poker was originally titled as such in Denmark, [7] [33] and was retitled Cover Girl Poker everywhere else in Europe for the Amiga, Commodore 64 and DOS releases, and is referred to by several different names by different publications; the front cover and the title screen of the Cover Girl Poker version of the game contradict each other as well; the cover art of the Commodore 64 version titles the game Cover Girl Pokernackte girls strip poker spiele while the in-game title screen in all versions of the game gives the original title of Cover Girl Strip Poker.

In Germany, an Amiga version was developed by The Sales Curve and nackte girls strip poker spiele by United Softwareand an alternate release was developed and self-published by Storm; both German releases cost 'around 80' Deutschmark in A in Cover Girl Strip Poker received largely negative reviews from critics, although some reviewer's scores may not reflect this; the Italian version of Zzap!

While other versions of the game received more mixed reviews, the reception of the Commodore 64 nackte girls strip poker spiele was universally negative; [30] unique to the C64 nackte girls strip poker spiele, there is a screen flickering glitch that was criticized by some reviewers; [17] the Italian version of Zzap!

UK summarised Strip Poker overall as a "purile excuse for a game". Cover Girl Strip Poker ' s gameplay was heavily criticized by many critics; [49] many reviewers expressed that Strip Poker was too easy, as the game's AI is 'bad at poker', [50] which also contributed to the game's 'lack of longevity'. Many reviews criticized Cover Girl Strip Poker as fine art erotik sex gifs, with those that did stating that one could buy 'several pornographic magazines with stronger sexual content' for the same price as the game.

UK criticized Strip Poker as sexist ; Computing called it "an affront to the female species", [12] and a critic from Zzap! Telanjang artis cewek indonesien xxx World praised Strip Poker ' s models, expressing that they have "sparkling physical qualities" and are "extremely hot", and further praised the game's graphics as "[making] optimal use of the graphical capabilities of nackte girls strip poker spiele [graphics] card ".

Computer World praised Strip Poker ' s dialogue, expressing that it "[gives] an engaging personality to an already intriguing game in of itself", furthermore calling Strip Poker "a definitive product in its genre". Another thing that torments me: the women mumble everything", and further called the game's 'unattractive' dialogue "a festival of unintentional hilarity. PC Player criticized Strip Poker ' s gameplay, calling the game's AI and controls "extremely sluggish", and called it "just as lousy as every other strip poker game".

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