Been to a couple of local places here. None speak English much apart from baht Thai massage, baht oil massage. Whats the difference? Last time I got an oil massage I came home and nearly slipped over on the front step with oily feet and the missus wanted to know why the water was beading massage i linkoping thaimassage forum my chest in the shower. PS, I dont want "pretties" or anyone under 50 giving me a massage i linkoping thaimassage forum, way to many charlatans around, be advised they can ferk you up real time, been there done that.

That's the problem. I want a happy ending! Everytime I tell them I don't want an oil massage they look at me like I'm an idiot. Well you're paying extra for the product. Salad oil, innit? Also generally you're more naked for oil massage. Hazardous duty pay. Anyone that thinks there's little difference between a Thai massage and an oil massage must have never been in a legit massage place.

I used to like Thai massage but now I detest massage i linkoping thaimassage forum. Not talking about extras I've never had an oil massage that was remotely like a Thai massage. You must be going to some shoddy places. I've massage i linkoping thaimassage forum found a massage here good in anyway.

Certainly not relaxing and involves pain during and after the massage. Your supposed to feel better after or the next day. Not me. Most of them are just smearing oil on your body, not massaging it some massage i linkoping thaimassage forum the aim of getting Percy to wake up.

But one lady I have found on the darkside does do a very good oil massage - best yet, no funny business. She knows the right way to get at the muscles in the legs and arms and back - I always feel bloody good after a visit to her.

Anyone interested, PM me - I'm happy to pass on some business to her as I'd hate to see her move on to another place. In my experience, yes there's more "relaxation" rubbing but they always incorporate Thai massage techniques as well. It's like comparing apples and oranges. A Thai massage is a completely different experience to an oil massage.

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Recommended Posts. Posted June 18, blauer engel porno star anal Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. LOL, did you have a happy ending? The difference is the nornal massage is ok, the oil massage is nothing but a sales gimmick. Where is baht massage, in Bangkok you can still get baht per hour. For the prices you're paying, I'm not surprised.

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