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SOME couples go out to dinner on the weekend. Alice and Eric go to adult swinging club in großbritannien parties and have sex with strangers. I slipped off in my lunch break to go lingerie shopping.

I needed a hot new outfit for the weekend. Some people love latex and leather but not me so much. I have a penchant for stay-up stockings too.

As I slide my hands over the new bra I feel a thrill of electricity for the coming weekend. It inspires me to quickly get myself off right there before heading back to work. I feel smug at my desk all afternoon and count the minutes until the weekend. Picture: iStock Source:istock. Some couples like to go out for dinner or go out dancing on the weekend, but we like to go to swingers clubs or parties and get playful.

After a couple of years of marriage and a couple more together prior to that, I told Eric that I had a fantasy of being pleasured by two men at once. I just imagined it would stay a naughty fantasy. That was the turning point for our relationship. Eric and I have rules. We only play together, never apart. The whole idea is that this enhances our love life so being able to see, if not touch, each other at all times adult swinging club in großbritannien a must. I love watching Eric with another woman across the room.

Saturday nights are late nights. We catch a cab home together and debrief about the evening. We climb into bed exhausted but satisfied. Alice and Eric are regulars on the swinger club scene. Sunday is fun day. After a sleep in, we lie in bed with coffee and rehash the evening, which usually ends leads to another romp.

We invite some swinger friends over for a casual BBQ. One of the best things about being part of our community is that we are super social and enjoy hanging out with like-minded people.

Eric and I have one particular couple we both love to spend time with. When the chemistry is good between the four of you, your senses simply explode. A cacophony of hands touching you, mouths all over your body. The sensory overload is awesome. Our work friends have no idea what we do for fun and if they did, frankly, I think their brains would burst. Monday night we just hang out like any regular couple. No crazy outfits or toys. We see our lifestyle as an added extra to an already beautiful relationship, not something we have to do every day to keep things spicy.

I like to do my sexy admin on Tuesdays. I know admin is usually not sexy but this is a little different. I have a blog where I write about our swinging adventures.

Sometimes people contact me through the blog, or the club we go to will send newbies my way if they need some more information asiatische madchen wird gefickt bilder what happens and what to expect from coming to one of our play nights. I love introducing new people to our community and helping them to feel safe and comfortable exploring their fantasies. Alexis is a stunning unicorn who has curves for days that we both fancy the hell out of.

Sometimes it can be tricky adult swinging club in großbritannien feelings get involved. Eric and I know that we are solid and Alexis totally gets adult swinging club in großbritannien. We chat and eat, go home for dynamite sex and then she leaves.

John lennon und yoko ono tumblr bed is only for us to sleep in.

I give myself one day where I do all the self-care I need to feel hot for my lovers. Sometimes I get a pedi or even just a massage. Taking care of myself helps me feel sexy and more in tune with my body. I feel that swinging has helped me feel sexier than ever.

I feel desirable, I feel in touch with my sexuality and I know that exploring this side of ourselves has enhanced not only our sex life, but also our love for each other. This article originally appeared on whimn. To join the conversation, please Log in. Don't have an account? Sign up. Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Log in Sign up. Log out. As told to Danielle Colley.

Video Image What I learnt from a night in a swingers club. AU As I slide my hands over the adult swinging club in großbritannien bra I feel a thrill adult swinging club in großbritannien electricity for the coming weekend. Comments Show comments. Add your comment to this story To join the conversation, please Log in.

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