We were looking forward to a relaxing afternoon after being on two long plane rides and battling a bit of jet fkk fkk jungs enature tv. The kids equated the lagoon to a giant pool so they were excited. The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa. The excess water supposedly totally clean is pumped into the lagoon and renewed every 40 hours. Yes, it was man made but seeing the lava field, one can easily believe it was all supernatural.

The blue color is said to come from the blue-green algae. Somehow, the power plant usually gets left off in those idyllic marketing images. As we drove through the entrance, we saw a few people taking pictures of a small body of blue water on the side of the road.

I thought of Windex blue the glass cleaner and my kids thought light Gatorage Blue the drink. Of course, being the tourists that we are, joined them. We decided to follow the pathway to the left before entering the building.

It was worth the detour for some fantastic scenery of the blue pools in the midst of black lava rocks. The Naked Part My daughter and I went into our locker room which was actually really nice, modern and clean. There were various partitions with seats in the middle surrounded by lockers. Shoes had their own wall compartment and rows of dressers and mirrors lined the walls. We entered one of the first spaces we found. Then, I fkk fkk jungs enature tv a glimpse of the first naked lady and then another changing out there in the open.

Walking around naked among strangers was definitely not going to happen. It was admirable to see all these people shed all inhibitions though. We knew this was the norm before coming here. So, we were hoping for no pointing and no embarrassing comments. Luckily, we found a private room to change in. It is mandatory to shower preferably nude before entering the lagoon. Communal showers had separate stalls and they provided shampoo and body wash.

They came in all shapes fkk fkk jungs enature tv sizes — old and young — and letting everything hang out. I felt like a prude showering in my bathing suit but grateful that there were quite a few who shared my modesty. The Blue Lagoon experience with kids My son was given arm band floaties to use even though he knew how to swim. He was a little disappointed but they were very strict with having kids under 7 years old wear them. We made our entrance to the lagoon through here and it led to a small cave with shallow waters perfect for kids.

Most of the time we were sitting and to get around, squat walked. There were varying degrees of depthness throughout fkk fkk jungs enature tv lagoon so we had to be careful when taking the kids around. There were six million liters of geothermal seawater in the lagoon. There were certain sections made to look like hot tubs while steam rooms and saunas were also available.

We semi-floated around to find a good spot. You could sit or you could float. Some areas were warm, some really hot. The bottom portion of the lagoon is not all smooth. Those white substance are silica mud. Although, there were probably some mud you could get underwater. They had large silica tubs that the staff actually refilled. My husband took on the challenge and generously applied it to his face.

It was a bit unnerving to be gliding around in the mist and fog and suddenly encounter people whose faces were completely covered in white mud. After a long flight, it was understandable why this was a popular place for tourists to de-stress.

We highly recommend going to the man-made waterfall by the wall. A little bit. So, there may be something to the waters after all. It may be touristy, expensive and can get crowded but definitely worth a visit. The kids had fun just playing and soaking. Relax and enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience. Pin it for later! Most people I know go to other hot springs nearby — to cut cost I suppose. Thanks Mette! Great post and extremely informative. I bet you slept well after this.

Thanks Leigh! It was the perfect way to start a vacation and after a long fkk fkk jungs enature tv. Yes, we all slept well after this. Great write-up Mary! Thanks Justin! I think we got used to it after fkk fkk jungs enature tv and were too distracted about everything else. I have wanted to do this ever since the Olympics were in Iceland!

This seems like a wonderful way to relax and enjoy. Great write up! I never really realized just how big the lagoon was, and I have a hard time picturing it being crowded.

The lagoon was surprisingly big. It was a lot fkk fkk jungs enature tv fun and yes, those lifeguards were something else to see. Very detailed and helpful post — thanks! Thanks Micki! So different from a beach but definitely worth it despite the fkk fkk jungs enature tv. Thanks for posting this.

I have a Pinterest photo of this place and your post just gave it more possibility! I hope you get to visit Iceland and soak in the Blue Lagoon soon, Christine.

It really was an unforgettable experience. Glad you found it useful. The lagoon was warm enough to keep us comfortable as long as we stayed in the water. I was there last March and loved it. Being March, it chilly and so there were far less people around.

Absolutely loved the Blue Lagoon and will definitely go again! Thanks for stopping by Suzanne! Europe in general is expensive for us North Americans but it seemed that Scandinavia was a bit more pricey. I bet that water felt so good during the March chills. OK, the Blue Lagoon is now on my bucket list. The water looks amazing. Extra points for the swim up bar! Thanks Cathy! The water was amazingly warm. I regret not taking advantage of the swim-up bar. I have seen so many people write about this place and it has always fascinated me.

Definitely need to get to Iceland…. Maybe fkk fkk jungs enature tv can find a housesit or something? It would break out just looking at it, fkk fkk jungs enature tv. Thanks for stopping by Christy! We flew IcelandAir to Copenhagen and stopped in Iceland for 4 days. It was pretty expensive for everything. Camping was also pretty popular. Hope fkk fkk jungs enature tv two make it to Iceland soon and soak in the Blue Lagoon. Wow, this looks lovely! Such a nice way to spend the day after a long flight, although the prices are a little ouch :- Great photos and information, as always!

Thanks Andi!

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