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This issue should now be fixed, please let me know if you encounter any issues in the comments. The end of April marked the first ban wave of nude patch users ever in the history of World of Warcraft. I have world of warcraft nude sex in the scene for 13 years, as i started playing WoW in early and started using someone elses nude patch. So to world of warcraft nude sex that ban wave kinda marked the end of an era to me. It is likely that botters or cheaters used the arctium launcher for their own benefit and that made blizzard hit down hard on anyone using that, world of warcraft nude sex it being a requirement for any nude mod world of warcraft nude sex, they got the feel of the mighty banhammer as well.

World of warcraft nude sex it only works on the users own game client so no one else sees it. With all this said, I hope you stick around as I will try post more updates in the future, I may still update my nude skins with the new worgen 2. Personally I try avoid any big groups of humans for the foreseeable future until it is much more under control. My site is very inactive lately but not dead. I will keep answering all of your questions.

However, all of my modding have kind of died off since the banwave by the end of april. These patches do contain skins for the old characters, so you could likely use this for classic wow. I will at one point add a section for classic wow nude patch. I have been busy playing classic wow myself and enjoying it a lot. As for and beyond, we will see what happens.

I will keep answering peoples questions as good as possible. The ban can range between 6 months to 1. Just keep this in mind. Playboy playmate rachel spence nackt you find any bugs let me know. Commonly world of warcraft nude sex ask for an update of the launcher or for a release date. However I cannot stress it enough that I do not recommend people to use world of warcraft nude sex due to blizzard now having mass banned once, I would not want world of warcraft nude sex risk being banned again using this.

What I also know is that in the upcomming update of this arctium launcher, it will only allow nude patches that has been white listed by arctium themselves as the new launcher will check constantly to their server if non white listed mods are used. This is likely to prevent any cheat mods from being used with the arctium launcher, so that only nude patches laura marano fake nude sex arctium allows can be used.

How do we get nude mods working again safely? What I know so far is that cheaters and exploiting people probably used arctium launcher to use their bots and cheating mods to gain an advantage over others and this forced blizzard to look into how they activate their cheats and they probably got to know about the arctium launcher and simply mass banned anyone using it.

This is only speculation but it would make sence. Today marks the 8th anniversary of my site. It has been a while since I have made any post, but I am not stopping my site nor what I do.

I always visit my site daily to keep a look in the comments on my site and try to answer them the best I can.

With that said I know many are wondering whats up now? Well, as mentioned I am still going to keep my site around and I will still keep updating my patch.

However, the method in which you activate it no longer works, as you can see in the previous post. A message to wowhead. Stop using mods and arctium launcher on live wow immediately. A lot of people have received day bans this morning, including myself yet they banned me for 1. My mood right now is not the best I can tell you that.

I hear from multiple sources that a lot of people are getting their bans reverted so check your email inbox, I can confirm that my ban was lifted and I can happily enjoy playing WoW again. It is even posted on wowhead.

Hello everyone. I have updated my nude patch to include Night Elf Night Warrior skin. If you use my nude patch previouisly, then simply download a new fresh copy and before you apply it please delete the Item folder from the earlier version before you replace the files.

This is because the old files in the Item folder have renamed and you no longer need the previous files. It has been added to the downloads section of my site. With this new addition to my site, I also had to restructure the downloads section a little to accommodate the new section for Ralia, just so it is more sepperated from the official nude patch from me. You are about to read a Blog that does contain content of an adult nature.

These pages are designed for ADULTS only and includes world of warcraft nude sex or obscene pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you or if it is illegal to view such material in your community please do not continue. The following terms and conditions apply to this blog. Reading the next text world of warcraft nude sex scrolling down the blog will constitute your agreement to the following terms and conditions:.

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