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An actress attempts to convince a director how she's perfect for a role in his upcoming production. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Actor Louis Garrel was originally cast as the male lead and was replaced by Mathieu Amalric. Vanda : Any other director I know would have already jumped on me. Thomas : I'm not "any other director". Vanda : Free adult game fur paar. If he thought he could, he would have already done.

Thomas : Not true. Vanda : Not even if I allowed him? Behind the credits are images of classical artworks depicting Venus. Take a trip down memory lane with photos of high school TV and movie icons then and now, from Clueless" Dawson's Creek ," free adult game fur paar more favorites.

See the gallery. Sign In. Added to Watchlist. Mathieu Amalric. Director: Roman Polanski. Facebook Twitter E-mail. The short plot synopsis for this film is so misleading. But you know it is Polanski, so naturally something, probably strange, will begin to transpire. And strange it is. This actress arrives covered in rain, hours late, and is not on the audition list. Free adult game fur paar, with much persuasion, the director, reluctantly, agrees to do some lines with her, and after she starts he begins to take her seriously.

He stops thinking she is a lunatic. Suddenly he free adult game fur paar up the script and they are engaged in the lines. But as they rehearse the lines, they argue over trivial matters like the placement of one of their characters, to the actresses' free adult game fur paar misogynistic take on the book.

But as they argue, something pulls them back into the story, and they are suddenly and instantly back in character. It really is a trip. From this point on, there this a story within the play unfolding, and it begins to get very strange as you watch them rehearsing, then suddenly you realise they have actually been arguing for the last minute!

It keeps you guessing constantly, and as they explore the subject matter further, free adult game fur paar blurring of the play and reality increases as they both become more passionate about the subject matter.

And into Polanski territory the film goes. This movie is easily the best film he has made in the last 30 or so years. It reminds me of The Tenant, it has that sorta of weird, surreal and nackte girls gruppe blinkt titten vibe. Kudos to Polanski, who, much like in Carnage, makes full use of the single set, in this case a small theater, with the final act of the movie actually taking place on the stage of this theater itself, which adds to the visual niceties.

The camera is constantly moving around the theater, not once was I bored as the dialogue was so intriguing, funny in a dark way at times, but also pretty effed up, which I guess is due to the original text, and who does effed-up films better than Polanski?

I'm not sure of the running length, but this film felt like it was an hour long. The ending was incredible, and because of the deft handling of the dialogue, the switching between play and reality, this is something I want to watch again immediately. People think he has gone senile? This is easily his best movie since The Tenant. Did You Know? Quotes Vanda : Any other director I know would have already jumped on me. Crazy Credits Behind the credits are images of classical artworks depicting Venus.

Storyline Plot Summary Genres Drama. The Best Underseen Movies of Eyes Wide Movies With Two Characters or Less. Free adult game fur paar School Icons, Then and Now. More To Explore Search on Amazon.

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