If you're sitting at work, twiddling your thumbs and wishing you had something fun to waste your time, you have to check out our list of the top ten online flash games. For some people online flash games are a passing funny games biz adult html to fill the hours between lunch and home time.

For others online flash games are funny games biz adult html passionate hobby that keeps glued to their monitors while they try and beat their last score.

We've put together a list of the top ten best flash games ever, in no particular order. From simple animal cruelty to complex platform puzzles, these should keep you entertained all day long. Let us know about your favourite games in the comments section below or in our forum. Bejeweled Originally called Diamond Minethis classic flash game involves moving multicoloured gems around in order to create sets of three.

It's simple, but incredibly addictive. Click here to play Bejeweled. While you're here, why not check out our amazing iPhone history video infographic?

Chimgam We're not sure where this game came from -- and we're not sure we want to know. This is one geile alte reife nackt frauen the craziest games we've ever played and one of the funniest. It's not big and it's not clever, but funny games biz adult html can't stop playing it. Click here to play Chimgam. Bow Man Set in a time when a bow and arrow was the best way to stick it to the man -- as opposed to playing silly games on company time -- Bow Man challenges you to shoot funny games biz adult html enemy by calculating the correct angle and power of your bow.

Robin Hood eat your heart out. Click here to play Bow Man. Desktop Tower Defense You're sitting at your desk, avoiding work, on your fourth cup of tea when suddenly you're attacked by a group of creeps. What do you do? You set up canons of course, and blow them to smithereens. Desktop Tower Defense is a personal favourite of ours and a must-play game. Click here to play Desktop Tower Defense.

Neopets Hasee Bounce Dodging dung might not sound like fun, but as you've already found out playing Chimgamit can be a blast. Hasee Bounce sees you control cute creatures that bounce in funny games biz adult html air and eat doughnut fruit.

If only doughnut fruit was real. Click here to play Neopets Hasee Bounce. Line Rider If you haven't played this game, you haven't lived. At face value, Line Rider looks almost too simple, but after playing it for a couple of funny games biz adult html you'll soon find yourself creating increasingly wacky and impossible courses for the brave -- nay, foolhardy -- tobogganist. Funny games biz adult html here to play Line Rider.

As you proceed through each level you're gradually given more weapons -- soon no zombie will be a match for your head-blasting skills. Click here to play The Last Stand. Portal Based on Valve's mind-bending Orange Box puzzler Portalthis platformer is a testament to the potential of the flash game.

Vastly more sophisticated than most of the flash games you will have played before, Portal: The Flash Version is by far one of the best-looking flash games we've ever played. Click here to play Portal. The Helicopter Game Although funny games biz adult html looks like a game developed for the Commodore 64, this game takes the art of mouse-tapping to the next level.

The aim of the game is to keep your helicopter from touching the edges, simply by holding left-click to go up and letting go to drop. It might sound easy, but racking up a high score is a challenge. Click here to play The Helicopter Game. YetiSports Almost everyone familiar with flash games will have dabbled in YetiSports. Although it inspired a plethora of yeti-filled games, funny games biz adult html think the original is by far the best -- and our favourite flash game ever made.

All you have to do is smack the penguin as far as you can by timing your swing. We manged a paltry Click here to play Yeti Sports. Update : In response to popular demand for more flash games, we've selected another ten we think are worthy of your precious time. Click the next page to have a go at ten more addictive online flash games. Dolphin Olympics 2 You're a dolphin with acrobatics on the brain and a wonderful affinity to altitude.

Be warned, though: we thought we'd already played the most addictive games ever, but Dolphin Olympics 2 is so addictive we almost tear ourselves away long enough to write this description. Click here to play Dolphin Olympics 2. Winterbells Orisinal's games are some of the cutest flash games out there. We're particular fans of Winterbellswhich sees a small rabbit jump in the air and bounce off bells.

It's not a complex game, but you won't be able to stop playing it -- seeing your ickle funny games biz adult html plummet from a great height is just too much to bear.

He must go higher! Click here to play Winterbells. N The way of the ninja is apparently laden with gold -- or at least it is in Na flash game where you play a ninja intent on collecting as much gold as possible.

Watch out for all the obstacles and lasers though, one wrong move and you're ninja toast. Click here to play N. Dino Run Being a dinosaur is a dangerous business, especially if you're being chased by a 'pyroclastic wall of doom', but all is not lost. Using long term dating in hong kong keyboard skills you can lead your brave dinosaur to safety and boost its evolutionary powers along the way by collecting eggs.

Click here to play Dino Run. Crimson room Don't play this if you're not a patient person, but if you like to solve problems this is a fantastic game that will have you entertained for hours. You start in a red room with only your wits to get you out -- do you accept the challenge? Click here to play Crimson room. Bloons Simple games are often the most fun and Bloons is as simple as they come.

The aim is to burst as many balloons as possible with the help of your trusty monkey. Each level presents a different challenge and there's an impressive 50 to get through. Click here to play Bloons. Grow Cube Possibly one of the most addictive and equally frustrating games out there, Grow Cube is a game that involves concentration, deduction and a piece of paper. You have to add the right element at the right time, otherwise your cube ain't growing nowhere. Our tip: start with the man, and take notes.

Click here to play Grow Cube. Zuma Similar to BejeweledZuma is a classic game that's really fun to play. You've got to shoot different coloured balls from a frog's mouth at a growing line of coloured balls to make them all disappear -- otherwise the funny games biz adult html gets funny games biz adult html. Line up combos for a massive score.

Click mollige junge fette teens pussys to play Zuma. Vector Runner Flash-based driving games vary from the incredible to the unplayable: Vector Runner is definitely among sex och por thaimassage borlange former. Using very basic graphics, Vector Runner somehow manages to feel like a high-end game.

Click here to play Vector Runner. You have to get to the top of the building and tap stuff along the way. When the time runs out you start again, but you have to race against your previous effort. Levers Patrick Smith is an inspired flash artist who came up with Vector Park, a series of flash-based artworks that make rather addictive games. Leversin particular, is one of Smith's best works and sees you having to balance several objects in order to proceed to the next level.

Clear out your diary -- you won't be doing any work this afternoon. Click here to play Levers. Space Invaders Paul Neave is another inspired flash developer whose talents seem endless. Aside from creating beautiful flash-embedded sites, Neave has also created a set of flash games that so perfectly reflect the gaming qualities of their original titles, we play them in awe.

His remake of Space Invadersfor example, is sublime. Frogger Another gem from Paul Neave is Froggerwhich many old-school gamers will remember funny games biz adult html great fondness.

You play the role of a frog who's trying to cross a road and then a river. It might sound simple, but throw in ruthless cars with emotionless drivers and a river jammed with logs and snappy turtles and you've got a job on your hands.

As with Space Invadersonce you click on the link below just click on the Frogger logo to start playing. Park Patrick Smith's mind must be a wonderful place to funny games biz adult html, something you'll realise when playing Park. Another addition to his Vector Park collection, Park is one of the most intriguing flash games we've ever had the pleasure to experience.

With echoes of Guillermo del Toro and Studio Ghiblithe idea is to click your way through the mysterious park, uncovering a variety of intricate graphics and beautiful animations. What does it all mean? That's up to you. Click here to play Park. Snake Back to the man -- the legend -- that is Paul Neave and another classic remade for the flash game scene in the form of Snake. Hardcore Snake fans will know it originally featured on Nokia phones and became an instant hit. Unfortunately, Nokia decided to change Snake and add 3D graphics, ultimately destroying a truly great game.

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