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Republicans are proud to wave the flag to show how patriotic they are and how let s get together tonight in kruje they love our country. Their belief in God, the constitution, law and order, right to life, personal responsibility and other positive attributes are commendable. The problem is that they believe they exclusively own them.

Let s get together tonight in kruje believe their actions, beliefs, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of others which give them the idea they are morally superior.

That is the exact definition of self-righteousness. Both the right and the left may be guilty to some degree. How did we get here? When people state how good they are they imply the other side is bad.

He accuses with tweets and speeches Democrats and anyone who opposes him of hating America. His constant insults carry over to the rest of us and we end up with fear and hatred that divide us more than ever. We all know our president is the leader whose words and actions have a profound effect on everyone. Many of us believe our country is at a very low, even disastrous point in our history, all of this the responsibility of an incompetent leader and divider-in-chief.

One thing we should all desire: A time when we no longer consider the political opposition as the enemy. Both the Democratic and Republican national conventions should adopt the refrain of a song by the Youngbloods from Sign up now to get our FREE breaking news coverage delivered right to your inbox. Edit Close. Toggle navigation Menu. Recommended for you.

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