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It was said to be the first consolidated school in Shelby County, comprised of the elementary schools of Buntyn, Fleece Station and Avalon and located in what was originally Buntyn, Tennessee, a rural area of Shelby county east of Memphis. She later married Elmer E. Houck, city editor for the Commercial Appeal any relationship to the Houck's of the O. Houck piano company in Memphis is unclear.

Several more buildings were added tn the '20s and by Buntyn was annexed to the city of Memphis. The school's status then changed from a county to city High School, at which time it became the city's oldest school. Girls Girls! It is believed to be around the time they were back in Memphis recording new songs which resulted in their fourth record at Sun, Arthur Gunter's " Baby Let's Play House, " which when released that April would become Elvis' first record to chart nationally.

Oddly, in it he substituted the lyric, " You may have a Pink Cadillac ," months before he actually owned one. According to Peter Guralnick, Bob Nealwho had officially signed on as Elvis' manager the first of the year, had enlisted their aid in support of his son Sonny, a student at Messick campaigning for student council, possibly class president. Messick Messick adult ed center memphis School's new seat Auditorium - ca. Senior elections tn the Messick High School's new Auditorium - ca.

Lambuth college representative addresses seniors in Messick High School's new Auditorium - ca. Messick High School's new Auditorium main messick adult ed center memphis - ca. The appearances were said to be for the High School and Junior High and while one appearance was held in the Auditorium, the other was held in the Gymnasium. Messick High School's old Gymnasium building entrance - ca.

According to David Garret who operates the Class of website, the old auditorium the one of Elvis' performances was not entered from the outside but was directly connected to the old Senior High building built in There were two ramps on either side of a long trophy tn on the 2nd floor of that building which led you up half a story into the auditorium. Communicating with earlier alum groups he added, most memories are of performances in the auditorium marian rivera sex skandal, skype than the gym.

Messick High School's old Gymnasium building main entrance - ca. Messick adult ed center memphis Cropper though said he had no recollection or knowledge of their appearances at Messick, but understandably so, he was still a student at Sherwood Junior High at the time.

The following day in between shows at Ellis Auditorium they would all meet with the Colonel and Tom Diskin officially for the first time at which time the Colonel would agree to help out booking tn for them.

Original Messick County High Messick adult ed center memphis building - ca. Messick High School - ca. A new seat auditorium and gymnasium were built in the late s and operational by The new auditorium building was designed to look like the older gymnasium building. By the school was almost overpopulated but by the s, however, the neighborhood's population was on the decline and so was enrollment. The last class graduated in and the following year the original main building was one of the topless teens, auf trampolinen zu to be demolished.

Messick Vocational Adult Center in Memphis - ca. What remains of the campus today is operated by the Memphis school system as the Messick Adult Center at South Greer. The buildings where the boys performed are no longer there. The auditorium itself was converted into science labs messick adult ed center memphis a new auditorium was built and messick adult ed center memphis in the '80s with several of the original structures.

Birdseye view of the former Messick High School's newer Auditorium - ca. Donald "Duck" Dunn - - Photo courtesy littleb Donald "Duck" Dunn, sadly, passed away earlier this year. He began playing the bass guitar when he was messick adult ed center memphis Steve Cropper made the announcement when he wrote:. Messick Class Elections. Gail Alsup Biggs was in the 9th grade at Messick H. She had this to say recently:. I only attended the performance in the auditorium.

My sister was Patsy Alsup Gosnell in the class of They had an election in the fall and one for the spring. I imagine so everyone would have an opportunity to participate.

I was in the 9th grade and I was running for Jr. Messick was like a public parochial school. The makeup of the area was Southern Baptist and Methodist. We had some Catholics. Our teachers were mostly old maids and teaching was their vocation like a nun. Each morning in home room we would pledge allegiance to the flag, have a bible reading and a prayer.

My sister and I both went to Messick for 12 years and so did my cousins, some of them were as old as my parents. Too bad they got the name wrong. All photos on this site that we didn't borrow unless otherwise indicated are the property of either Scotty Moore or James V.

Roy and unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited. The Venues. Steve Cropper made the announcement when he wrote: To day I lost my best friend, the world has lost the best guy and bass player to ever live.

Only a month earlier Steve had noted: What a disastrous few days for Duck Dunn and myself and music fans all around the world. Home History Discography Scrapbook Guitars etc This site created and managed by James V. Roy for Scotty Moore with the sole intent to help promote the arts and history of American popular music and Scotty's major role in it. Every attempt was made to give credit for any images or text borrowed from the World Wide Web and we greatly appreciate the use of it.

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