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  1. Contributing to the Memorial Fund Individuals wishing to remember Ken and help ensure that his legacy lives on through the annual Career Education Practitioner award are encouraged to make a contribution to the Ken Hoyt Memorial fund.

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Scope and Content Note The Filson maintains newspaper clippings files separated into 2 categories: biographical and subject. Our biographical files contain clippings on individuals, while our subject files categorize articles by topic.

Our subject files have particularly good coverage of regional schools, businesses and organizations, and famous houses. Many articles are from the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Louisville Timesbut other local reverend dr j kenneth hoyt statewide publications are also represented.

Most of the articles in our files were written in the latter half of the s, but some may reverend dr j kenneth hoyt back to the earlier part of the century. Irvin Abell, Dr. Irvin Jr. Abell, Mrs. Helen Abell, Dr. Douglas Abell, Dr. Spalding Abell, William H. Able, Miss Nell B. Adair, John Adams, E. Frank Reverend dr j kenneth hoyt. Allen, Arthur D. Allen, Charles Willis, Sr. Allen, Mrs. Charles W. Allen, Dr. Allin, Rt. John M. Allison, Young E. Amlung, Martin J. Amlung, Ray N.

Anderson, Joe Anderson, Col. John B. Anshultz, Thomas P. Armentrout, L. Vance Armstrong, Mrs. Francis T. Arnett, Walter Wendell Arnold, Dr. Isaac A. Ashley, Bruce, 1st Lt. Ashworth, Rev. Aud, Dr. Luther Bach, Mrs. Pearl Day Bacon, H. Baggett, Dr. John F. Bahl, Rolf Bailey, C. Bailey, William H. Baird, Capt. Lewis C. Baker, D. Everett H. Baker, Dr. Reverend dr j kenneth hoyt C. Baker, R. Lynn Baker, Richard J. Thomas H. Baldez, Joseph D. Bale, Dr. Shelby G.

Ballantine, Thomas Ballard, Addison M. Ballard, Andrew J. Ballard, Bland Ballard, Mrs. Charles T. Ballard, S. Ballard, Thomas J. Bamberg, Theo Bancroft, Spencer T. Banks, Mrs. Ann Smith Banks, Clarence L. Richard L. Barbour family Barker, Judge A. Barker, Ralph M. Barkes, Glen Barkley, Alben W. Barkley, David M. Barnard, George Grey Barnes, Mrs. Dolly Sullivan Barnes, J. Timothy Barnes, Vego E. Barret, Judge Alex G.

Barret, Mrs. Finis Gordon Barry, James P. Bartley, William E. Bartley family Baskett, Dorothy Bass, A. Bate, James Smalley Bate, Dr. John T. Bate, Dr. Richard A. Alexander, Sr. Bates, Can M. Bates, Dr. David A. Bates, James H. Bauscher, Catherine Baxter, W. Bayless, Geo. Beam, John G. Beam, Mrs. Jeremiah Bean, Mrs. Beard, John T. Beard, Pat Mrs. Thomas T. James B. Beckee, Gail R.

Becker, Fred A. Beckett, Willis W. Beckham, J. Beckman, Bernard C. Beckman, Mrs.

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