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When Lucifer returns for season 3, Tom Welling will make his debut as Marcus Pierce Tom Wellinga devilishly charming police nackte mannliche stars tom welling who is also a potential love interest for Chloe Lauren German. How will Lucifer Tom Ellis feel about that? Probably not great, to be honest, but Nackte mannliche stars tom welling is loving it.

Below, the Smallville alum dishes on why he chose Lucifer to make his TV return. Read our interview with Welling about not really suiting up as Superman on Smallville here. Tell us about Marcus as a character. At the end of last season, the characters of Lucifer started to get along maybe a little too much and they told me they wanted to bring somebody in nackte mannliche stars tom welling mix it up.

The description of your character intimated that Lucifer and Marcus had a lot in common. I start out maybe one way, but hopefully I can bring some charm to him later on. How similar or different is he from Lucifer and how does that cause them to butt heads? Where Lucifer brings it, he brings the energy to the room, my character sucks it out. I think so. Yeah, maybe a different goal than Lucifer has, a different global objective as far as the desire from a character point of view.

Can you say whether Marcus is good or bad? Well, right now, the villain. Was that part of the reason that you wanted to come back to TV, doing the complete opposite of Clark Kent? I think it was a number of things, it was the cast, the subject matter, the show, the showrunners, the Greg Beeman recommendation, the location. What can you tease of the dynamic between Chloe and Marcus?

Well, hopefully it just puts everybody on their heels a little bit. I mean, we all expect a little bit of that. Is this strategic? Maybe he has it out for Lucifer so getting close to Decker is part of his game plan? The big question that even I had in talking to the showrunners was who is this guy and why is he here? Their answer was awesome. Can he be trusted? And does he nackte mannliche stars tom welling or know what Lucifer is?

Nackte mannliche stars tom welling returns Monday at 8 p. ET on Fox. Read our preview with the executive producers here. Tom Welling reveals why he chose Lucifer to make his TV return. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. TV Show. Fox Netflix. Episode Recaps Previous. S5 E1 Recap. Lucifer binge recap: Double trouble in season 5, part 1. Here are all the TV shows ending in Lucifer binge recap: Hallelujah for season 4.

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