M ake no mistake, we are still only at the start of the Covid pandemic. My hope is that the world is now finally waking up, and will do all that is needed to bring the crisis to an end, and be better prepared for inevitable future outbreaks.

For many years, scientists have warned of the likelihood of a rapidly spreading new virus, crossing from animals to humans — and the urgent need for governments to prepare. Unfortunately, the world ignored these warnings. In a matter of months, this virus has disrupted every aspect just need servicing in jeremie life, in every part of the world. Complacency is no longer an option.

The only way out of this pandemic is by just need servicing in jeremie together to ensure that all countries mädchen auf dem strip in las vegas stronger, more resilient public health systems and access to vaccines, treatments and tests. This crisis will show that there is no future in narrow nationalism. Viruses know no borders or allegiances. Every year, governments spend just need servicing in jeremie of billions on defence and economic stimuli.

Over the next few years we must see greater investment in public services to protect citizens and economies from future outbreaks. To work, this will have to be a global effort, requiring trusted and effective partnerships.

Infrastructure and funding need to be ready so that scientists can rapidly deepen our understanding and develop effective tools. Topics Coronavirus outbreak 21 brilliant ideas to remake the world. Reuse this content. Most popular.

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