Allie on the sport field is a very driven, focused force to be reckoned with. She is social and friendly, good with other dogs and visitors. The puppies from her first litter are in a variety of homes, from family companions to sport and are all doing great. We look forward to promoting this young lady nackte girls von north carolina her career with us. Ghira is my first sport IGP puppy to start from 8 weeks of age with the goal of training and titling her myself. She is an extremely intelligent and talented young dog, in spite of my shortcomings as a handler and trainer.

Ghira is a dark sable beauty, with perfect temperament, lovely structure and a ability to perform the IGP work in all three phases. She travels all over the country with us on our horse camping trips. Ghira is good with all dogs, all people and all situations as long as I am good with it. Brongo and Frans Slaman competed in 8 National Championship trials and 2 International trials over their career together.

She was also handled and trained by Frans Slaman. Aiva nackte girls von north carolina Kaltenbach, IPO3 is a sable female with a nackte girls von north carolina working history and a very nice working line pedigree. She is retired from competition and was a successful competitor on the trial field in Canada. She has a very pleasant temperament, very willing and compliant. Aiva is friendly to visitors and very social with children, seeking out their companionship and looking for pets.

She is always ready to go for a game of fetch. We expect this litter to be puppies of very solid temperament, confident with strong character and nerves.

Aiva Sitting. Aiva Searching. Aiva Laying Down. Jentry is a fast, flashy, highly intelligent little rocket of a female. She is social, friendly to all and a working fiend on the field. They are training for her IPO2. Jentry on Vacation. Jentry in field. Jentry IPO1 Hurdle. We are delighted to add this fine young dog to our breeding program.

He is currently considered to be one of the top Czech sires. Zoe is a pleasure to work with. She has nice drives and a wonderful temperament. She is very handler compliant and has a huge will to please. She is a lovely, bi-color lady who loves to work. Her performance in all three phases is excellent. She is very friendly and social and is great with children and other dogs. We are delighted to add her to our kennel.

Autumn sit. Resting after a workout. Autumn Down. Nackte girls von north carolina von Narnia IPO1. While the maternal grandsire, Terror von der Staatsmacht, SHH3 is a legend unto nackte girls von north carolina as the incredible producer for the Staatsmacht kennel. Expecting her first litter inthere is already a waiting list for puppies from Ghira. Ghira guarding her toy Ghira camping Ghira at 6 weeks of age.

Grimja von Kaltwasser retired Emma ze Stojate vody, BH. Kaida von Narnia, BH with Puppies. Hind Di Casa Busty madchen mit cum auf titten.

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