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Jason Brick discusses 3 die agyptischen frauen mit haarigen fotzen to fix a weak erection in the article below. So read on to see some of the most common, and not so common causes of soft erections. In the middle, a majority of men are able to get some kind of erection, but are sometimes or often unhappy with the strength or duration of the action. They can tweak and fine-tune your hormone production and dietary intake to optimize your sexual performance.

A few of the herbs most effective for the task include:. You can fight NO deficiency by eating foods with plant nitrates. An incomplete list of foods with high plant nitrate content includes beets, kale, chard, celery, lettuce, grapes, arugula, spinach, blueberries, strawberries persien monir meine freunde hot mom pomegranates.

You will get the highest nitrate intake and best possible results by eating the foods raw, since nutrients of all sorts leach out of vegetables when you cook them. If you choose to juice your nitrate foods for easier consumption, you should drink it quickly because the nitrate levels drop with every second after juicing. Finally, let the food or juice sit in your mouth for 10 seconds before you swallow.

The bacteria in your mouth has to go to work on them chemically before your body can begin converting the plant nitrates into NO. Because those groups jumped on it first and hardest, it can be tempting to dismiss the claims that porn can hurt your sex life as the hysteria of a bunch of prudes.

Having an orgasm from any persien monir meine freunde hot mom fires a bunch of dopamine one of your feel-good hormones into your brain. Having an orgasm from online porn fires persien monir meine freunde hot mom more dopamine into your brain because it also hits the pleasure centers associated with screen addiction. That means weaker erections when your brain only gets the dopamine hit from person-to-person sexual arousal. Worse news: recent research suggest other forms of screen addiction — even social media or video game addiction and Persien monir meine freunde hot mom binging — can cause similar erectile problems.

Bottom line: if you need a little extra lead in your pencil, spend less time interacting with people on screen and more time with face-to-face and body-to-body connections. As with every other aspect of sexual health, look first at your lifestyle for causes.

It would be like souping up a car with a bad transmission. But if you have your lifestyle, diet and general health under control, try a combination of these three methods to soup up your sex life with harder, longer erections to please you and your partner:. Cycle through seven erectile health herbs, with daily doses of one on Monday, another on Tuesday, a third on Wednesday, etc.

Add a persien monir meine freunde hot mom of two to three plant-nitrate-rich foods to your diet every day. You can get solid results from even one of these efforts, but combining all three is practically guaranteed to improve your sexual health. Share Tweet. Popular posts.

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