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Berry also went topless in this film, but even when her lady parts were covered, there was little left to the imagination. How did she prepare for the role of a scantily-clad, computer-hacking femme fatale? Good luck keeping up with Gal Gadot. In this comedy, she plays a secret pokemon porno furry hentai lucario, Natalie, whose neighbor Isla Fisher begins to doubt that Natalie is really a suburban housewife and follows her to the mall, where she finds the future Wonder Woman in killer lingerie that shows off her toned stomach.

Nuke LaLoosh was willing to try anything for a susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung to The Show, even if that meant wearing a garter belt susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung his uniform.

That it also gave him the chance to bed baseball groupie Susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung Savoy Susan Sarandon was an added bonus. Jane's Jolie leather dominatrix getup was not just an effective — and disarming — disguise, it was part of a complete wardrobe that netted Susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung Kaplan a nomination for the Costume Designer's Guild Award for Best Costume Design in a Contemporary Film.

When two teenage boys endeavor to create the perfect girl, their experiment goes awry. Still, the result is as far from Frankenstein as it gets. As Lisa appears in a cloud of pink smoke wearing sporty blue-and-white briefs and a striped crop-top that reveals a hint of underboob while still keeping things PG, she strikes a pose and asks, "So, what would you little maniacs like to do first? Ok, technically it's not lingerie, but we have to give Larter credit for wearing this whipped cream bikini.

It's a task that's not for the faint of heart Johansson makes granny panties look sexy in the opening credits of director Sofia Coppola's love letter to Tokyo, but she had to be talked into the sheer Araks underpants. Just see how they look and if you don't want to do it, then of course, you don't have to','' the actress has said. That's how she got me to wear them. Loren gave a tour-de-fource performance as a prostitute in this sexy foreign film, which was sold to American distributors on the basis of Loren's transparent costumes.

Loren earned an Oscar nomination for the role but lost out to Julie Andrews, who played the chaste title character in Mary Poppins. Spears sang that she was "not yet a woman" in this campy dramedy, but she certainly looked like one in a cowboy hat, tight tank top, and boyshorts during a scene in susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung her character wonders if she's ready to lose her virginity.

This Hitchcock thriller is credited with bringing a new level of sexuality — and violence — to the big screen. Early scenes show Leigh's Marion Crane in her bra and panties — gasp! Later, Marion flashes the audience in her cone bra and high-waist underpants just before stepping into the shower and meeting her untimely death. Harry Potter susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung — those who hadn't seen him in his birthday suit in the Broadway revival of Equusthat is — were shocked to see Radcliffe in a lacy little bra in 's Deathly Hallows.

In the film, the being is actually a transformed Fleur Delacour, but it was really Radcliffe who strapped on the lingerie to film the scene. Even the alien in Alien snuck a peek at Ripley in her white cotton skivvies. And then she kicked its ass, making her every '70s sci-fi geek's fantasy heroine. Costume designer John Dunn — who would later susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung up the wardrobe department on Boardwalk Empire — dressed Eva Mendes's husband-stealing shop girl Crystal in La Perla lingerie for this remake.

Though she's the jilted wife in the central love triangle, Ryan's Mary looks pretty hot in her own right. Though the role would earn her an Oscar, Hollywood legend has it that Liz Taylor saw her bed-hopping character as a sick nymphomaniac. In an effort to underplay what Taylor saw as the story's pornographic overtones, designer Helen Rose constructed a fully-lined slip for the actress to ensure there would be no-show through.

The stage costumes created by famed wardrober Ellen Mirojnick — whose other credits include Wall StreetBasic Instinctand Fatal Attraction — didn't stay on long in this Joe Eszterhas drama. Though critics dubbed it the worst film in history, the movie's cult following helped put it among MGM's top 20 best-selling videos of all time.

The actress committed to a barely-there wardrobe and fantasy wig — and learned that susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung was naturally flexible — but refused to go completely nude to dance for Clive Owen's character in this sexy thriller.

A gust of wind from a Manhattan subway vent sent the hem of Marilyn Monroe's halter dress into the air, revealing her foundation garments and cementing her place in pop culture history. Monroe's then-husband, Joe DiMaggio, was not amused; the couple divorced before the movie hit theaters. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me," Dustin Hoffman's Benjamin Braddock uttered nervously as the original cougar peeled off her silk stockings in this comedy.

Braddock was correct, and hosiery served as one of the susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung most memorable plot susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung, helping Bancroft show her character's predatory nature.

What did the actor make of playing cross-dressing mad scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, which required a full drag look that included garters, platform heels, and a halter neck corset? The future Mrs. Justin Timberlake plays a woman who dances to earn money for her terminally ill son in this straight-to-video stripper drama. The premise is far from sexy, but the actress' work clothes certainly fit the bill.

The actresses make for a bewitching trio in this film, based on the John Updike novel. After falling prey to a devilish stranger Jack Nicholsonthe women show off their best naughty lingerie in a series of sybaritic — and deliciously campy — scenes.

Miller's Tammy rocks an Agent Provocateur bra, stocking, and garter belt set for a susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung scene opposite Daniel Craig. Unfortunately for Craig's character, he gets hauled susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung by two burly men before he has the chance to get a good look. Mol gives an incandescent performance as secretary turned cult pin-up idol Bettie Page, capturing the ill-fated icon's look in retro underwear and thigh-high seamed stockings.

Yes, but who put you up to this flop? Lohan's evil twin character gave the young actress a chance to work the pole — and shatter her image as a freckle-faced Disney girl — in susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung stripper attire. Moore's bikini got most of the attention in her comeback vehicle, but she bared even more in this blink-and-you'll-miss-it lingerie moment. The thenyear-old layered a full-length sable fur coat over her lacy bra and panties and chiseled abs.

Their names probably don't pop into your head when you heard the words ''memorable lingerie scenes,'' but if you've seen this comedy — based on Anne Rice's erotic novel — you're not likely to forget the image of O'Donnell and Aykroyd in full bondage gear. Appearing in her breakout role, Theron made such an impression in a white lace teddy and matching satin robe — and a scene where they're ripped off of her — that producers put the unknown on the movie's poster.

Late director Stanley Kubrick deserves some of the credit for picking it out from a field of 50 samples. The movie wasn't a box office success, but has become a cult classic, thanks in large part to the strip tease Basinger's character performs while wearing a clingy satin chemise.

It's just a shame she had to go and get food all over susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung. Her performance in this comedy is considered to be one of her finest, but it was boudoir pieces like this ostrich feather fringe satin robe that drove audiences and critics alike to distraction.

When Karen pulls off her dress to reveal a nude bra and underwear, Foley gamely returns the favor, stripping down to his boxers. Audiences saw Jamie Lee Curtis in a new light after her character's sexy striptease in James Cameron? Fun fact: the black bra and high-cut underwear worn by housewife Helen Tasker actually belonged to the actress. The sultry actress wore lots of lacy undergarments designed by Margaret Best, the film's costume designer. Diaz radiated all-American sexy when she booty danced across the screen in her Spider-Man briefs.

Horrible boss, amazing body. Aniston got into character — and gave a raunchy performance involving suggestively-shaped food — when she slipped on her character's lacy corsets and other intimate apparel. For a movie about a doll, there sure was a lot of skin. Don't ask us. To play a high-spirited lingerie salesgirl who sets her sights on the handsome owner of the department store where which she works, the silent film susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung slipped into gauzy, flapper-style underthings that were considered scandalous.

Bardot may be better-remembered for the way she filled out a bikini, but her teaming with fellow French bombshell Moreau in this comedy resulted in a very memorable big-screen striptease. We just couldn't agree on Beals' hottest lingerie scenes, so she scored two susan sarandon und leg pussy verbreitung on our list.

In 's Vampire's Kissshe seduced Nicolas Cage in a cropped lace corset and satin pants, but first, she became a breakout star when she donned even skimpier costumes to play an exotic dancer in the smash Flashdance. The Steamiest Onscreen Lingerie Scenes. Sophia Loren to Halle Berry to Tim Robbins? A salute to movie stars who went over big in just their underwear. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More.

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