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Make an account! It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. Welcome to Wikisimpsons! List of nudity Wikisimpsons - The Simpsons Wiki. Category : Lists. Hidden category: Ad Exempt. Modified on August 21,at Privacy policy About Mel gibson hintern nackt tumblr Disclaimers Mobile view.

This page may be unsuitable for some readers due to uncensored content. Short number Short name Characters Note Picture LisaMaggieBart. Person in painting. BartMaggieLisa. Episode number Episode name Characters Note Picture 2. BartHomer. Wearing bushes to cover their private parts. Bart rides past nude mel gibson hintern nackt tumblr based on paintings. Episode number Episode name Characters Note Picture Michelangelo's David. Full frontal nudity. HomerMarge. Lisa and the 8th Commandment ".

Lisa Goes to Washington ". Barbara Bush. Princess KashmirApu. At Rancho Relaxo. SelmaSideshow Bob. Selma in sheets and Sideshow Bob in robe. SNPP workers, notably Lenny. All in underwear except Lenny. MargeHomer. Plow ". Lionel Hutz. Mark Twain. PattySelma. LennyMindyCarl. Homer envisions Mindy as Venus. Miss SpringfieldJoe Quimby. Malibu Stacy ". On Smithers' startup screen. Joe QuimbyWoman. Swimming in the nude. Sexual Inadequacy ". Naked when he is kicked out of the Stonecuttershis regalia including the official underwear is burned, and he is chained to the Stone of Shame; and when he is reinstated as The Chosen One and drags the Stone of Triumph.

Captain McCallister 's newborn kid. Mayor Quimby's newborn kid. Australia ". Part Two ". People at nudist colony. Bill ClintonBob Dole. Bart After Dark ". Princess Kashmir. DolphJimboKearneyNelson. Hans Moleman. Kirk Van Houten. Mel gibson hintern nackt tumblr ". JasperHomerApu. ApuSanjay. Comic Book Guy. Marge's breasts and buttocks are seen. Homer flashback. BarneyCarlHomerLenny. Lenny mel gibson hintern nackt tumblr, Carl.

Mel GibsonHomer. Fort Fragg workers. Mini-Burns, Mini-Smithers. Ned Flanders. CleoMoe. MoeContessa. BartLisa. Topless girl and naked boy. ErinKrusty. Dignity ". At the zoo. Singing railroad hobo. Paul Bunyan. Tom Sawyer. ApuAnnette. Marge turned into a panther. Rainier Wolfcastle. Rainier full frontal. Seymour Skinner. Ned FlandersSara Sloane.

Spritz Goes to Washington ". D'oh ". Abraham Simpson. HomerNelson. Luann Van HoutenWaylon Smithers. Artie ZiffSelma. Drederick Tatum. Clancy Wiggum. HomerBart. Tahiti- Marge. People of Springfield.

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