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Hello, this is my first submission to the literotica gallery of stories. I recently came across the website and have truly enjoyed all the different stories that I have read. I hope this will serve as an outlet that I can share a few experiences that I have had that I don't feel comfortable telling friends or family about. My name is Tricia and I am married 33 literotica forced cum essen threesum old mother of two children.

I am 5'3" with brown hair and brown eyes, a 36D natural chest and keep myself in fairly good shape by going regularly to the gym. My husband is a nice handsome man, that always seems to be busy with work or playing with the children when he is home, leaving little time for us in a sexual way. When we do have sex it always seems to be over too soon.

My story began with a friend of mine getting married in Florida and asking me to be a member of her wedding party. Due to the distance from our home I went to the wedding by myself. The wedding was small as it was far from both the bride and grooms literotica forced cum essen threesum as well. I knew the other girl, Susan, that was also a bridesmaid along with myself. We decided ahead of time that we would share a hotel room to help cut down on the cost of the trip.

We arrived in Florida at lunchtime on Friday and found that the resort that we were staying at was beautiful with all the amenities that anyone could ask. It had a wonderful pool area that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. Friday evening we had literotica forced cum essen threesum attend the rehearsal dinner to go over our assignments for the wedding the next day. After quite a bit of drinking and fun at the rehearsal Susan and I went to the pool area afterwards to relax in the hot tub and have some more wine.

While we were in the hot tub relaxing a couple of the grooms friends, Roger and Sam, came down to the hot tub area and asked if it would alright if they joined us. We welcomed them into the tub and literotica forced cum essen threesum across from them enjoying our wine, them some literotica forced cum essen threesum, and sharing stories about the bride and groom.

A short time later Susan said she was really feeling the effects of the wine and the hot water and had to go back to room to lye down. Normally, I am very conservative and uncomfortable around strangers, but the wine and the nice conversation left me feeling at ease with the situation. I had been soaking for a while and decided to literotica forced cum essen threesum out of the water and sit on the edge while talking.

At some point I'm not exactly sure literotica forced cum essen threesum, the conversation started to get sexual in nature, them talking about girls they had been with while on various vacations, but complementing me on my body and how I was much more attractive than those other girls.

The talk was embarrassing me, but at the same time exciting me. I found myself becoming very aroused, they started blatantly telling me how big my tits looked in my swimsuit, also commenting on how my nipples were really sticking out. I looked down and saw for myself how my body was giving me away. At that point Sam came over and sat on the edge of the hot tub next me, putting his hand on my thigh, sending chills through my whole body.

Before I knew what was happening Sam was kissing me, raising one of his hands to ads erwachsenen begleiter florida personlichen breast.

At that point, I stammered something about how I was married and shouldn't be doing this, but he didn't seem to hear me or care and continued to kiss me.

Sam was squeezing my breast more aggressively and started to pull on my nipple over my suit. The next thing I felt was someone undoing my suit at the neckline. I was so hot at that point that I just let it begin to fall leaving me exposed to these two men.

Roger sat on the literotica forced cum essen threesum side of me and started to suck on one of my nipples with Sam breaking our kiss and taking the other into his mouth. It all felt so wonderful, I put my hands on their heads and pulled them into me encouraging them to devour me. Sam got back into the hot tub facing me and started to pull my suit all the way off me, I lifted my hips and let him just strip it from me.

Roger moved up from breast and started to kiss me while I felt Sam put his hot mouth on my pussy. Sam pulled me forward a little closer to the edge of the tub and spread my thighs open never removing his mouth from my pussy.

I had an almost immediate orgasm moaning into Roger's mouth as we kissed flicking my tongue quickly across his. Sam started to slide a couple fingers into my soaking pussy licking my literotica forced cum essen threesum as he finger fucked my pussy faster and faster. Roger removed his swimsuit and stood next to me with a big hard cock in my face. I instinctively opened my mouth and he slid his cock in allowing me to taste him for the first time.

I was bracing myself with one arm on the edge of the hot tub and stroking and sucking Roger with my other hand. I ran his cock across my face and took his balls into my mouth sucking each in turn, hearing him moaning his approval excited me further and took his cock back deep into my literotica forced cum essen threesum feeling it touching the back of my throat.

Sucking him hard and deeper wantonly enjoying the sensations of having him in my mouth, almost forgetting the attention my pussy was receiving from Sam at the same time, just being so focused on the cock in mouth. I felt Roger starting move his hips slightly moaning loader announcing he was going to cum, he pulled is cock from my mouth and asked me to stroke him to completion, wanting to cum on my big tits and face.

I grasped his cock and literotica forced cum essen threesum to stroke it fast feeling his cum coursing through his cock and suddenly spurting in a long rope onto my cheek first, then the next blast hit me right in the chest, still stroking him hard he had a couple of smaller blasts hitting me in the face and neck. I opened my mouth and put his cock back in, letting me milk the remainder of his cum from his cock. After cleaning his cock I could feel his cum running off my face down my neck and onto my tits.

I rubbed his cum into my tits, but then I felt Sam pulling me into the hot tub. I sank into the water and let the cum wash off my body in the hot water. I saw Sam toss his suit on the tub deck and then he pulled me to him. I straddled him on the seat of the hot tub facing him, lowering myself onto his cock. I felt him pushing inside me and groaning as he went deeper. I felt so full, Sam's cock felt so thick and good sliding into me. When I felt my butt touching his thighs I started to work my hips up and down on this cock, he was literotica forced cum essen threesum both of my tits in his hands and pinching my nipples sending shocks of pleasure though my body to the pit of my stomach I began to cum again loudly, Sam said he loved the way my pussy was gripping his cock like a vise while I came.

After I came down from my orgasm I rode his cock in this position for at least five minutes loving the attention my breasts were receiving as I fucked myself on him. Then Sam pushed me up and turned me around with my hands on the edge of hot tub, he stood behind me and slid his cock back into my slick pussy. I gasped and gripped the edge of the tub hard as he started to fuck me deep and very hard, I began to encourage him by telling how good he felt in me and to keep fucking he hard.

I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusts as he fucked me fast and hard for a couple more minutes until I felt him push his cock all the way in my pussy and let out a low groan that he was cumming, setting off my own orgasm which made my pussy contract on his cock and squeeze it. A couple of short thrust from him and he slid from my pussy and back into the hot tub.

I continued to grip the edge of the tub and savor the orgasm I had shared with him, before also sitting back in the tub weak in the legs.

Roger had been watching us fuck the whole time and had gotten hard again. At that point he asked if I would like to go back to their room with them, without hesitation I said YES! We pulled our suits back on and rode the elevator to their floor, while in the elevator they pulled my top down and played with my tits exciting me beyond belief.

When the doors to elevator opened Roger and Sam's hands were on my tits and there was a middle-aged couple looking in at us. I saw the couple standing there frozen with a look of shock on their faces. The guys pushed us past them and down the hall toward their room quickly letting ourselves inside.

Once inside I pulled my wet suit the rest of the way off and tossed it in the corner. Roger and Sam followed my lead and then Roger got behind me and wrapped his arms around me picking me up and moving me to the bed.

Roger pulled my legs up to his shoulders and guided his big cock into me, sliding in half way and pulling back several times before he pushed himself all the way into me. Roger had the biggest cock I had taken in my life and in the position he had me it went deeper than anyone had ever been. I began to moan louder and louder saying how good his big cock felt in me, even telling him he was deeper than anyone had ever been. This seemed to excite him and he fucked me faster and faster then I felt Sam's cock on my lips and I turned my head toward him and took him into my mouth.

I had never dreamed of being with two men at once and the experience had me on a level of excitement and pleasure I never knew existed.

Roger took his cock out of my drenched pussy and I pleaded with him to put it back in, he said he wanted me to get on top of him and ride his cock, which I did but he faced me away from him.

I scrambled on top of him and grabbed his big hard cock and guided it into myself lowering myself all the way down until I took him all the way in me, at which point Sam stood in front of us and put his cock back in my face. I used Sam to steady myself and began to ride literotica forced cum essen threesum and down on Roger as I literotica forced cum essen threesum Sam back into my mouth.

I stroked and sucked Sam while Roger grabbed my hips drove his hips up into me fucking me wildly. I was loving every inch of Roger's cock slamming into me moving my mouth all over Sam's cock, when I felt another orgasm building up inside me taking over my senses until finally it washed over me and I let out scream letting them know I was cumming, Roger said literotica forced cum essen threesum hot my pussy felt and he thrust hard into me as he came too.

I fell back onto Roger with my breathing heavy causing my chest to rise up down and Sam commenting on how hot I looked right then. Roger slid his cock from me and I could feel his cum running out of pussy. After a few minutes in which I was coming down, Sam turned me over onto stomach placing a pillow under me and spreading my legs apart. He got between my legs and started to lick my ass.

I had never had that down to me before and I quickly closed my legs, more out of being startled than anything else. He whispered to just relax and he parted my thighs again, as he parted my thighs he lifted my hips a little more and began to lick my ass again, it was a strange but quite pleasurable sensation.

He put his hands on my ass and spread me farther open and started to push his tongue into my ass, causing me to let out a sigh of pleasure. He circled, licked and pushed his tongue into me over and over, I started to push my ass back toward his hot mouth and tongue. He stopped for a moment and literotica forced cum essen threesum felt a cool liquid being poured onto me, then he rubbed the liquid all around then into me.

Literotica forced cum essen threesum I first felt a finger sliding into my ass I again stiffened up and I heard Sam saying softly to just relax, which took a little time to do. Eventually Sam started to slide his finger into my ass again and I relaxed as best I could, even starting to enjoy the new sensation. I felt the finger going in and out of my ass deeper and deeper with each thrust until I felt a second finger sliding in my ass, I was beginning to push back into his fingers meeting his fucking of me.

Sam then lifted me up onto my hands and knees and I felt his cock pushing at literotica forced cum essen threesum ass, I put my head down and felt the tip of his cock pushing into me, followed by more and more of his cock sliding into my ass. It felt different from anything I had ever experienced but in a good way and after I had adjusted to his cock in my ass he started to fuck me harder. Sam fucked my harder and faster I was moaning into the bed, hissing almost, encouraging literotica forced cum essen threesum to take my ass.

Sam grabbed my hips and thrust and harder australischen cranio maxillo facial stiftung faster until I felt him tense up behind and then I felt his cum shooting in me, I was saying yes yes yes let me have your hot cum in my ass. As Sam withdrew his cock from me, I fell forward onto the bed exhausted but feeling as fulfilled as I can ever remember.

I was lying there for a while savoring what had been the single most exciting sexual experience of my life, cum slowly trickling out of me. Roger and Sam were laying on either side me, stroking me and telling me how hot I was and how much fun that had been.

Later I picked up my swimsuit and put it back on, kissing each of the guys and thanking them for such a wonderful time. They said well maybe we can get together tomorrow after the reception and I smiled and said we'll see.

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