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Price good through June 30, Learn why you should consider joining. By Audrey Humphrey. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from Turley Publications, Inc. The inclusion of advertisements in Equine Journal does not in any way imply endorsement or approval by Turley Publications, Inc. Turley Publications, Inc. Notwithstanding midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii foregoing, Turley Publications, Inc.

Some say, there is no substitute for experience. Contacts Jeff Smith. Midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii, Durable Polyester Mesh Outer with a removable neck cover and belly closure for complete coverage. Soft, Polyester Mesh Outer features an integrated neck cover, adjustable belly band and midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii shoulder gussets. Shop online at: www. Choose a ClearSpan indoor arena for a bright and peaceful setting for your riding.

ClearSpan offers many customizable options, including end walls, stalls, ventilation systems and more. Because of the fast construction, durability and versatility, ClearSpan structures offer the best value for your investment.

Call us for details on our flexible financing solutions: Up to 10 years, as low as 4. For more information call 1. JuneEquine Journal, Cindi Ingalls cingalls equinejournal. Membership in AHP is open to equine publications as well as individuals, businesses and organizations that share an interest in equine publishing. A Penny Saved… …Is a penny earned, or so the saying goes.

I believe the value added for the club and its members is without a doubt the primary reason the list continues to expand. As everyone continues to reevaluate their midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii, clubs midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii to offer members more incentive to renew memberships. Recently, one of my coworkers took advantage of promotional coupons offered by her feed manufacturer.

What a win-win situation! I hope that for you, our readers, our monthly magazine is a win-win situation too! It never ceases to amaze me the progress and new technologies that continue to shape our industry.

As I read through the feature articles each month I continually learn something new. The treatment our horses receive, whether show or pleasure, has come so far over the past 20 years. Audrey Humphrey interviewed Dr. Melissa R. Mazan, D. Both of these articles speak to the high level of care that we provide to keep our horses midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii, and performing, their very best. An initial shot to boost the levels, and then a daily supplement, have made a world of difference.

Two of our upcoming bonus issues, Sport Horse and The Voice, will each be containing some of the informative, educational and fun content that we provide. Until then, consider how you can make a difference in the industry by giving back to your club or your horse.

Yours in Sport. The article was well written and very informative. Thank you. The full-color, six-spot advertising pages you provided to breeding farms offered a fantastic opportunity to those of us interested in promoting these rare and very special ponies.

Ide provided excellent and timely communication through the entire process, and I truly enjoyed working with her. What a gem! Thank you! Thanks so much for your wonderful magazine! Send your letters to the editor to: editorial equinejournal. It governs metabolic rate, digestion, reproduction, behavior, growth and ageing.

Evitex may help with normal shedding, drinking, normal sweating, healthy muscle tone and overall appearance. Ongoing research shows the many benefits of chasteberry for healthy pituitary, hormone levels and supporting glucose metabolism in horses and dogs. The list below highlights just some of them. The owners are looking into protecting this buffer through a permanent conservation easement. This allows pastures to rest, dry out and reestablish grasses, thereby preventing erosion.

Many would agree that the equine community has long understood the importance of sustaining the natural environment and see this project as a way to expand our knowledge and give evidence of the contribution equine facilities can make to the natural environment.

We would love to feature YOUR creativity and ideas. Contact Ellen Whittemore at ellenmwhittemore yahoo. A Place to Call Home No matter what your vision, how simple or elaborate your dream, Morton Buildings is here to help provide your horses with a safe and efficient shelter. From discussing layouts with your sales consultant to watching our crews construct your building, Morton midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii your project every step of the way.

We also manufacture many of our own building components, including stalls, to ensure that your horse barn, riding arena or storage building is safe for both you and your horses. For more information and to get started on your building project, contact your local Morton Buildings construction center.

A listing of GC licenses available at mortonbuildings. I remember my grandpa being able to stand over the top of him. I butt schlauch lady oral slip tgp uniform how cool he was to be so small.

My grandparents had plans to produce smaller ponies for the grandkids. Back then, these small ponies were considered more exotic than functional. With this vision, and more interested breeders, came a surge of popularity to produce the smallest horse. As their popularity increased and the numbers of breeders increased, so did the number of small horses with little to no purpose except as pets and exotics.

For many years, the genetics of this foundation were producing some characteristics that not many horsemen would recognize as desirable. During this time, the American Shetland Pony saw a decrease in breeders, and many of them moved to the smaller versions where they were selling for more money. The smaller the horse, regardless of conformation, the more money it would bring at auction.

The increase in demand and the increase in value created a growing market, and more breeders began to. Registries were started for these small horses and shows were being held nationally. To date, there are hundreds of thousands of miniature horses worldwide. After growing up with Shetland Ponies as a child, I had a desire to raise my children with these small horses as well. InI entered the world of the miniature horse in the early stages of its existence.

I purchased a small colt for my two children at the time. I still wanted horses with correct legs, square con. That is when I found Boones Little Buckeroo. Buckeroo changed my entire breeding program and my future midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii the breed. This particular pony went back to many other very successful Shetland show horses. Lucky midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii me, Buckeroo genetically reproduced himself year after year with careful selection and breeding.

With almost foals sired by Buckeroo and 33 years later, the breeding program has reached a pinnacle that I would have never imagined reaching. I have witnessed the midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii, the bad and the ugly of breeding a man-made creation. Yet, there is no perfect horse in my eyes, and there is still a challenge ahead of me. Buckeroo has been the center of our program now for almost 30 years.

We currently have miniatures and midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii of them are Buckeroo sons or daughters! I midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii now in the stage of creating a new version of my miniature horses.

The genetic dwarf research now available on the miniature horse is proving that the founding breeders did not realize what their dwarf breeding programs were going to create. Miniature breeders are more aware of the negatives of the small founding horses of the early breeding programs and are searching for small equines to bring more motion, balance and consistency to the miniature breed.

The American Shetland Pony is witnessing a comeback after almost 50 years of being in the background of the miniature horse. I am now seeing my grandchildren in the barn with little horses like I once grew up riding and petting. I am looking forward to The third generation of the Eberth family. As I watch Buckeroo age and turn 33 midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii old this May, and as I watch midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii grandchildren grow up in the barn, I am positive that not only the next generation of Buckeroos will continue on, but so will the third generation of Little King Farm.

For more information on Little King Farm and Buckeroo, visitwww. The Next Generation of Buckeroo. The lists of Controlled and Banned substances are available at www. Until June 4,the list will show all prohibited midget intitle pfeil handler lite iii that have been added or removed from the list and database.

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