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Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg is a fictional character on the American supernatural bel ami, brandon und zeke, horror television series Salemwhich aired on WGN America from to Created by the show's producers Brannon Braga and Adam SimonIngrid was played by Lucy Lawless in a recurring role during the second season and third season. The last and oldest of a line of Germanic witches, Ingrid is portrayed as a rival and foil to the witch Mary Sibley Janet Montgomery.

Her plans to resurrect the Devil and have sex with his human host to become his queen were stopped by her daughter Anne Hale Tamzin Merchant. Lawless was attracted to the show due to its writing and the description of her role. She was prominently featured in promotional materials for Salem 's second season.

Lawless based her performance on historical accounts of witches and her childhood love of the horror genre. She avoided portraying Ingrid as a villain to focus on making her a more complex character. Critical response to Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg was largely positive, with the character's story arc with Mary and Lawless' performance praised as highlights.

Following the character's apparent death in the season two finale, fans requested for Lawless to return for future episodes. The last and oldest in a line of Germanic witches, [1] [2] Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg is first shown looking for the identities of those behind the Grand Rite, a ritual involving the use of mass murder to elicit nackt fotos von lucy lawless rise of the Devil to Earth.

During the exchange, she discovers nackt fotos von lucy lawless the witch Mary Sibley had instigated the ritual and exacerbated hysteria among the Nackt fotos von lucy lawless as part of the Nackt fotos von lucy lawless witch nackt fotos von lucy lawless. While working with her son and lover Baron Sebastian von Marburg, she begins to plan a way to infiltrate Salem, Massachusetts and learn more about its local witch coven known as the Essex Hive.

Even though the attempt is unsuccessful, Ingrid kisses Mary to steal information from her unconscious mind. To destabilize Mary's control of the town, Ingrid murders her husband George Sibley by transferring water inside his body and drowning him from the inside.

Ingrid's arrival at Salem is received positively by the townspeople, as she delivers aid to those affected by a plague started by the completion of the Grand Rite. She also convinces Anne to steal magistrate John Hale 's Book of Shadowstelepathically telling the young witch that she plans to sacrifice the entire town to resurrect the Devil. She orders Mercy to kidnap John, but Mary stops these plans temporarily by threatening to destroy the source of Ingrid's power.

Mary hides her son's location to shield him from Ingrid's influence. Ingrid uses her connections with magistrate Wendell Hathorne [11] and seduces Mary's love John Aldenleading him into an alternate dimension to uncover John Sibley's hiding place. Following the Devil's resurrection, Ingrid shuns Mercy and reverses all of the magic done to enhance her appearance, which leaves her heavily scarred with burns. Despite her schemes, Ingrid is upset to learn that the Devil nackt fotos von lucy lawless to make Mary his queen instead of her.

Angry at Mary's death, the Devil kills Ingrid by stabbing her repeatedly. After Ingrid's apparent death, her soul transfers back to her original body a mummified corpse that is protected in a magical sarcophagus hidden in an alternate dimension. It is revealed that Ingrid possesses a form of immortality ; she can return her soul to her original body and recover her strength. However, she is nackt fotos von lucy lawless by Anne, who kills the Devil's human host and sends him back to hell.

Anne announces that she plans to carry the Devil's child and serve as his queen instead of Ingrid. Despite her attempts to reconnect with her daughter, Ingrid is killed by Anne. Restoring Mary's soul back to her body, Anne destroys Ingrid's body and spirit permanently.

While discussing her approach to Ingrid, Lawless said that she sky thai massage orgy sex inspired by stories of witches throughout history, and explained: "[w]hether they were rumor or not, we've got lots of great information about how they've lived nackt fotos von lucy lawless what made them so terrifying". When asked about the magical aspects of Salemshe said that the series was based on "all natural magic", and identified her character as a "psychological murderer as well as a practical murderer".

Defining the show as using "murder in the parlor" and "women fighting to the death in a very elevated way," Lawless emphasized that it treated magic differently than the Harry Potter franchise, commenting that there is "nothing cute going on". When asked if she viewed Ingrid as evil, Lawless said that she did not play the character as a villain, and instead interpreted her as a "someone who must get what she wants" even if it meant harming others.

She explained that she had to disconnect from her personal opinions to make "a new high-end horror". Lawless that Ingrid's costumes allowed her to get into character, saying that she feels "like she consumes me".

Television critics have included Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg in their favorite moments from Salem. Bustle 's Nick Romano listed Lawless' appearance as one of the seven reasons from the season two trailer to get "so amped" about the upcoming episodes. Lawless' performance has been widely praised by critics.

Blastr 's Nathalie Caron wrote that the actress had a "glorious guest-starring role as the deliciously evil Countess Marburg". Hanley called Lawless "frightfully fiendish", praising her for bringing more "gravitas" to the show since she was "unafraid to get bloody or sadistic".

Fenoff of Moviepilot felt that her inclusion gave the series more "energy and conflict". Following Ingrid's apparent death in the season two finale, Nemisha Sharma of the International Business Times wrote that the she wanted to see the character return to the third season.

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