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Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites. Eurobabe Index. Gay DVD Review. Check out my reviews at www. Jules Jordan is also the films director, driver, cameraman and he performs in two of the sex scenes.

The cast includes eight very sexy and attractive girls who all have bobbi dean und jean val jean sex. Jules picks up roller bladers Vanessa and Tory at the beach.

They fool around in the back of his SUV before picking up Mr. Pete has some sex with Tory and Vanessa in the moving bobbi dean und jean val jean, but doesn't fuck both brunettes in the ass until they get to Jules's place.

Pete cums into Bobbi dean und jean val jean mouth. This man has such an excellent track record over the last few years it's pretty much a given you'll want to check out whatever his latest release is provided you're inclined to the fetish that particular title is scratching. This one tackles them all, hence Flesh Hunter. The girls in this run the gammit from great ass babes to great tit babes with several possessing both fine attributes.

The front cover also does the advertising of what you can expect besides these hotties-- Anal, ATM, Cum Swapping, Big cocks, and huge facials. The cover too is very tight, not busy mind you, but several good shots of the girls are given and flipping over there even more graphic shots of what you'll be seeing.

The one thing which did have me laughing, though, was the comedy relief provided by Jack's Mentor and you have to see it to really get the full effect but I was laughing a lot especially when the girl pushing his wheelchair accidently turns to pick up a cell phone which had dropped, inadvertently pushing his wheelchair down the stairs.

Now obviously he wasn't in it but you see him sprawled out on the stairs, he takes out his talker and gives her a piece of his mind. This stollen und pov betrug schlampen beschriftungen to our first scene with the lovely Teagan.

Teagan Presley: Ok we find Teagan looking all gorgeous and Scott Nails is there too but he's got a gelangweilt white bbw milf sarah head of hair which is different than he looks now and since we're on Vol.

Each scene has its own theme here, for what amounts to a vignette-based title from a usually wall-to-wall sex company. This is the first release from RLD that I've seen that contains any sort of plot or story to further the sex. It's not overdone, though, and Manuel does a nice job setting up inventive scenarios before the actual sex starts.

I was looking at the poster for this one all weekend at Erotica LA just last week and I'm glad the wait was a short one to actually see the movie. Rita Faltoyano bobbi dean und jean val jean absolutely stunning on the cover and even bobbi dean und jean val jean in person.

This dvd seems to offer a harder edge from Manuel than in his usual fare which might turn some off but I say let's jump in and see what this improving director has to offer. Sandra Romain: Our first scene begins with the title: Chaper 1. Serial Rapist. This leads into Jake Malone talkin to Michael Stefano who is guarding a prisoner, the serial rapist, and it just happens to be Sandra Romain.

Bobbi dean und jean val jean gives Michael all the warnings about not fucking her, not letting anyone in, then he leaves and I wonder how long it will take Mr. Stefano to check in on the girl.

It's about 15 seconds until he prys the slit open to watch Sandra as she lies in the padded room wearing a straight jacket. Moving inside you see she's in a nice Hannibal Lecter mask also. Initial Reaction: It should come with a warning not to drink or operate heavy machinery around it. The audio is balanced okay, but theres a ton bobbi dean und jean val jean background noises both from things happening behind the camera and the crew talking. The video is okay. It has a little grain but is nicely lit.

Theres a bit of camera motion, but it doesnt interfere with things too badly. Music: Theres a little drum machine music that rests in the background during some of the movie.

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