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Top positive review. Reviewed in the United States on May 11, There's probably a one are one night stands meaningless orebro a million chance that a one-night stand leads to anything but embarrassment, shame, and humiliation -- that usually happens right about when dawn breaks. These two experience all that well before dawn.

Even after a passionate night that includes rubbing each other's feelings, emotions and genitals absolutely raw and with some threats and minor violence thrown in, they find something in each other that connects and makes them reluctant to say goodbye.

An intense movie are one night stands meaningless orebro all takes place within the confines of a dark smoke-filled studio apartment somewhere in LA. Top critical review. Reviewed in the United States on September 1, In reality, one night stands between people who've picked up each other in a bar lead to sex, sleep and regret; the one cannot leave fast enough in the morning, and the other is equally anxious for you to be gone.

Meaningless sex is the goal of a one night stand, but it's a cute fantasy that meaningless sex can lead to a relationship. The movie wasn't bad. It drug at places, and the early discussions about "life" were worn and familiar. It must have been a challenge to film the entire movie in one room in such low light, but it was done fairly well. It was interesting that it was dark in the room are one night stands meaningless orebro you could see daylight through the windows.

The acting was fair. I found the female lead to be less believable than the male; her delivery was more mechanical and not very "organic". So, if you're ironing clothes or something and want some background noise, this might fit. Your time is your own, are one night stands meaningless orebro you won't walk away from this with any insights into the human condition.

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Showing of 53 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. I didn't expect to like this movie. I'm usually drawn to intrigue, twists and turns and complicated plots.

Are one night stands meaningless orebro is none of that here. It's about two people! That's it! They have a one night stand and end up sharing their deepest darkest secrets with each other. They are broken and beaten down by the scars incurred through the misfortunes of life There is a connection between them but it doesn't play out in the romantic dreamy kind of way.

It plays out in a dark and brutally honest way. They go back and forth sharing traumas and intimate details with each other, constantly challenging each other to understand or at least make sense of an unpredictable, seemingly hopeless existence.

There are plenty of moments in their dialogue where they could've given up on each other but they don't. Instead, they show their unabashed true selves to each other. It felt real because " are one night stands meaningless orebro is not logical.

Whatever that is. You let the protective walls crumble leaving you with nothing to hide. This film cleverly shows that risking vulnerability leads to possibility. I highly recommend it! Considering this movie is based only on 2 characters in one room, I was very impressed. A chain smoker promiscuous writer magically connects with a non-smoker, non-drinker bartender Yeah, Right. In reality, it never happens!

What did I use this product for? Amazon asks skinny blonde madchen beine verteilt question prior to my review, along with the question of what I liked or disliked about this movie. I didn't "use" this product for anything unless viewing a film out of curiosity or boredom constitutes some form of use.

What an odd question to ask about a movie! My primary thought while watching this film was how smelly she must are one night stands meaningless orebro been with cigarette breath and accumulated sperm.

It didn't appear that either of them washed between sex sessions. And I wondered if he wore the same condom multiple times. Like most pornography, this movie promises more than it produces. But there were a couple authentic moments that superseded the standard sexual stupidity of this type of film. Her panting is more genuine than some trite screams of ecstasy.

And their verbal intercourse interspersed with physical intercourse was more believable than a "slam, bam, thank-you are one night stands meaningless orebro script. I neither liked nor disliked this foray into fornication and feelings.

Two deeply wounded souls who have indulge in a sexual fling for the night - without really knowing each other that progresses into a conversation where they find out they have somethings in common. Yeah, the premise is far fetched because, hey, what are the chances?

But as the movie progresses it seems more plausible - I mean stranger thins have happened in real life. At 1st the acting seems stilted, but, come on - think about it! It wouldn't be that far off because it actually sort of suits the situation.

Kind a makes sense. One Night, written, co-produced, co-edited, and acted in by Steven R. Although I saw it alone, it seems like an ideal 'date night' movie.

The story, the joy, the pain, the fear, the courage, the are one night stands meaningless orebro, the recklessness, the tentativeness, the desire for connection that is offset by the need for self-protection, the desire for certainty about things that will always be More than most movies, I didn't have to use ANY suspension of disbelief.

Just one idea about how the movie are one night stands meaningless orebro have been done differently, and this is a crazy, experimental film kind of idea. In the end title that pops up just before the end credits, the original title "One Night" could be a strike-through, with a hand-written edit to "Our First Night. In "One Night" two good-looking people indulge their lustful desires and then tip-toe around trying to trust each other with their feelings.

Slowly they let their guards down. They stumble through anger and hurt whilst sharing the details of their lives.

They edge toward getting closer. To decide If they should go on to care about each other they have to chance that it may end in one being hurt or in one leaving.

She, Sid, has her doubts. It's a dilemma in any relationship, that there are no guarantees of how things will evolve, but if you don't give it a try at least, you'll never know what can develop--maybe something good. One person found this helpful. The sexiest part of the movie is in the beginning, where the two malcontents disrobe and go to it. After that, it was a long, hard slog through a quagmire of boring conversation and muddy light. I suppose the director wanted to use real light to mirror the grunginess of the situation, but for me, it was simply ugly and made the whole movie look cheaply produced which it probably was.

As one other viewer said, the male lead is good, but his female co-star sounds forced and mechanical.

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