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Women across Iceland took a powerful stand on social media last week by posting pictures of their breasts, using the FreeTheNipple campaign to hot nude girls bent over ass control of their bodies. The movement, which aims to desexualize women's breasts by posting ordinary pictures of exposed nipples on social media, has been around for almost a year. Her photograph was in direct response to a picture one of hot nude girls bent over ass male friends posted of himself without a shirt.

The Independent translated her Icelandic Facebook post: "It was difficult and I had to delete the picture for a few minutes, but it was enough to start a revolution. Outraged feminists, male and female alike, came to her defense hot nude girls bent over ass posting pictures of their nipples.

According to the movie's official website"The film explores the contradictions in our media-dominated society, where acts of violence and killing are glorified, while images of a woman's body are censored by the [Federal Communications Commission] and the [Motion Picture Association of America].

What is more obscene: violence or a nipple? Increasingly, gender equality finds support through social media campaigns and people harnessing technology. The wildly popular EffYourBeautyStandards aims to diversify mainstream standards of beauty, with an Instagram account that has more thanfollowers. We must keep ensuring the voices of gender equality stay louder than those of double-standard misogynists and Internet trolls.

It's about time for a nipple mutiny. By Natasha Noman.

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