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Ashley Abroad Travel Blog. My husband and I got married in June and promptly hightailed it out of the US. Our first stop was South Korea, where we spent two years teaching in a hagwan after-school language school and an international school.

We loved Korea, but when we got the opportunity to teach at an international school in Kyrgyzstan, we took it. We ended up moving to Kyrgyzstan in July We now live in Bishkek, the capital. The ancestral Kyrgyz were nomadic, a culture which is still alive in parts of the country. Revolutions in and ousted sitting presidents in protest of fraud, corruption, and economic hardships. One of the best things about Bishkek is the concentration of so many different people — we know teachers, volunteers, engineers, chefs, professors, and ambassadors.

There are four distinct seasons, with a beautiful fall Bishkek is a city full of treesa cold, snowy winter, a lovely lengthy spring, and a hot, hot summer. The who is up for chatting in bishkek mountains and open space are so perfect for children, and there are great schools with extracurriculars and community.

Plov is another favorite if we can find it prepared vegetarian — a rice dish with garlic, onions, carrots and traditionally lamb. Our staple is lepyoshka, a slightly sweet round bread cooked in a tandyr oven and best steaming-hot right out of the oven. Vodka is very popular in Kyrgyzstan, in the convention of the Soviets.

On Kyrgyz breakfasts: Yogurt, porridge, a surprising variety of jams with butter, omelet, and pancakes blini — more like crepes. Countries are accessible by air as well as marshrutka minibus. Travel agencies in Bishkek are helpful in preparing visas with ease; we utilized Kyrgyz Concept for help arranging visas for a trip to Russia. We have also traveled to Almaty, Kazakhstan, by taxi and marshrutka.

There are also so many more places we want to go within Kyrgyzstan! It turns out that the March holiday was adopted by the Soviet Union after women gained suffrage inand it was later adopted by the UN in Flowers are given, and at school students took care to give gifts to women and the staff always shared cake and flowers. Our favorite holiday is Nooruz, a spring celebration celebrated throughout the region for 3, years as the vernal equinox.

Not only was it a long weekend holiday off school, it just felt good to celebrate the ending of a long, cold winter. Our school hosts a celebration with songs and dances incorporating regional celebrations of the holiday. Russian is nice in that there are cognates between English and Russian, but I got lost approaching even the basics of Russian grammar.

In school, we teach students mini Kyrgyz lessons so I also picked up some basics in Kyrgyz. Even more than Russian, speaking Kyrgyz phrases to local people really opens up connections and they are always happy to see foreigners trying to speak and understand the local language.

Local people are almost always happy to chat in any language, though, using a smattering of English and Russian to connect with us. Biking is also becoming another good option for travel.

We biked around the city for commuting but it was always a little intimidating in the who is up for chatting in bishkek Bishkek streets. Taxis are so easy and affordable to get around town or even further! Namba Taxi is the Uber of Bishkek and made it easy to get a taxi without needing to haggle a price.

The things that make me feel less secure are things that, unfortunately, women generally have who is up for chatting in bishkek worry about living in any large city. Walking alone at night or taking taxis alone always makes me feel uncomfortable, but those things make me who is up for chatting in bishkek uncomfortable almost anywhere in the world.

Private clinics often have doctors and nurses who speak English or translators available. Our school handled all of the paperwork for our visas and provided instructions for entering the country. We had to appl y for a business visa upon arrival and pay a fee tourist visas are free. To get our full employment visa there were some antiquated steps in the process. Each year to renew we are required to get an HIV test, which involves having blood drawn at one specific clinic in the city.

We also are required to have an x-ray for a TB scan each year. Because our school had so many visa applicants, they arranged for a traveling x-ray machine to come to our school site. None of us fully trusted the rickety old machine.

The markets in Bishkek have the best fresh produce you can get in the country, but going to the market still feels like a tourist outing to me most of the time. It takes energy to grab a taxi mann auf der oberseite von hinten get there, walk around, ask and sometimes haggle the price of what you want, and negotiate a ride back home.

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