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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning teen kasia kaffee am morgen on! Remember Me. Teil 2. At six years old Kakashi was promoted to Teen kasia kaffee am morgen. The day of that victory he raced home to hopefully raise his father's spirits. Surely Sakumo would have to say something after weeks of silence.

Surely Kakashi would see him smile now. Wasn't that what Kakashi was fighting for? But the truth left a sour taste in his mouth, for someone who'd been kept prisoner for most of his short life, he didn't teen kasia kaffee am morgen a clue how to fend for himself. In which Kakashi has an excessive need to protect his family.

Public Bookmark 8. No-one liked working with him, but that was just fine. In which Kakashi is a pastry chef, Gai is Gai, and Minato practices laissez-faire management. Public Bookmark Minato and Kakashi, the paired geniuses, the partnership that broke all rules. Minato x Kakashi. In a world where soulmates find each other by touch, Kakashi doesn't like to be touched and Minato behaves accordingly. Rec Kakashi broke things off with the love of his life yesterday. So of course today he gets sick.

The universe is obviously out to get him. Minato lives AU. Sequel to Chapter of the Soulmate Story Collection. Older now, Minato and Kakashi have been meeting in their dreams every night for twenty years. After so long together there's only one thing between them teen kasia kaffee am morgen never addressed.

Minato doesn't want to think about how long it would have taken them to talk about it if not for one perfectly innocent misunderstanding. YonKaka, MinaKaka.

When Namikaze Minato, the Senior Pastor of a widely popular church, meets Hatake Kakashi, a self-admitted gay atheist, how will Minato deal with the lust and the temptation of the sins of the flesh? In which Kakashi is in love with his sensei, who is in love with Kushina. Many years later, Minato returns to Konoha and they have to pick up the pieces, together.

This was all Minato's fault. He was the one that suggested using the "Sexy-no-Jutsu" the 'inventive creation' of his of his prank-loving son to spice up the bedroom life, now Kakashi was pregnant.

Minato was so going to have an indefinite amount of couch time for this! In the warring lands of The Five Countries, Hatake Kakashi finds his small clan caught in the struggles and defeated. After his father's suicide, the Uchiha enslave the Hatake heir and confiscate his lands and inheritance, sending the young man to work in the Uchiha household. AU similar to feudal Teen kasia kaffee am morgen, but neither setting nor period correspond to any true historical era.

The Five Countries is an imaginary place, but similar to the map of the Naruto universe. Slave Kakashi. For mature readers. Don't like yaoi, don't read. There will be some OOC. Naruto wants the three of them to be a family, but first he has to get Kakashi to move in with them.

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Parent tags more general : Naruto. How Can I Protect You?

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